Teen Influencer Workshops

Preventing Teen Rx Misuse: Your Role as a “Teen Influencer” Workshops

Free 1-hour workshops to help prevent teen Rx drug abuse in our community



Workshop includes:

LEARNING about teen prescription drug abuse and the real dangers to teens.

DISCOVERING how you can play a role in helping teens understand and avoid the risks.

SHARING what you learn with other teen influencers—parents, teachers, coaches, school and community-based health care providers.

HELPING to raise awareness about the prescription drug abuse problem and mobilize parents, schools and communities to take action.



Workshop host sites include churches, organizations, civic groups, community spaces, and even homes! All you need to do is offer space for the workshop and spread the word (we can help). Everything else is covered!  One or two trained facilitators will run the workshop (based on how many people are expected to attend). 


Help in Maximizing the Role of Teen Influencers!


“Click here to watch a 25-minute video on how to use your influence to prevent teen prescription drug misuse.” 


“Click here to register to attend an upcoming webinar from the convenience of your home.” http://bit.ly/TeenInfuencerWebinar

Funded by Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation

Curriculum created by National Council for Patient Information and Education.

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