Responsible Beverage Service Training

Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition (BAPC) and the Vermont Department of Liquor Control (DLC) invite liquors licensees to attend quarterly Responsible Beverage Service training conveniently located at the Marlboro College Graduate Center  and available free of charge.

Vermont law requires that employees that either sell or serve liquor be trained every two years, either by the DLC or in-house, using materials provided by the DLC. Statistics show that employees who receive their required trainings directly from the DLC, rather than in-house, are less likely to fail compliance check for selling tobacco or alcohol to minors.

BAPC recognizes the important role that retailers and restaurants play in keeping the minors of our community safe from underage drinking.  We are proud to present this training opportunity to you on a quarterly basis because we appreciate your commitment to taking your role as a responsible seller/server of alcohol seriously—our community is better for it. For more information on BAPC, the Responsible Retailer Project, or the Healthy Retailer Project, please contact me or visit our website.  We look forward to continuing to strengthen our community—together!


Upcoming Responsible Beverage Service Trainings at the
Marlboro College Graduate Center in downtown Brattleboro

2016 Trainings for Store Staff:

Wednesday, February 10th 1-4pm

Thursday, April 7th 1-4pm

2016 Training for Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and Hotel Staff:

Thursday, March 10th 1-4pm

Thursday, May 26th 1-4pm

It is important to register on DLC site

Click here to register for a training and secure a seat.


Information and Resources

*Statewide Responsible Beverage Service Training’s*
*Information on licensing*
*Responsible Beverage Service Community on facebook.*

The benefits of joining our Responsible Beverage Service Online Community:

  • Free resources
  • Responsible Retailer Recognition
  • Weekly Tips for Preventing Underage Sales
  • Department of Liquor Control Regulation Updates
  • Regional Responsible Beverage Service Training Invites


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